How to Fix Emails Landing in Junk Mail When Sent from Server Hosting

01/05/2024 | Technical Case Studies

Tired of your carefully crafted emails ending up in spam folders, buried beneath layers of unwanted promotions? Many shared hosting providers utilize a single DKIM setup for all their clients, which can tarnish your email reputation and land your messages straight in the dreaded junk mail void. But fear not, there's a simple and free solution: using a dedicated email deliverability service like Sendgrid, a powerful ally in the fight against inbox obscurity.

Why Sendgrid Reigns Supreme:

  1. Unparalleled Deliverability: Boasting a stellar reputation and industry-leading infrastructure, Sendgrid ensures your emails land where they deserve - in inboxes.
  2. Free Plan for Startups: No credit card required, Sendgrid's generous free plan lets you send 100 emails per day, perfect for small businesses starting out.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Track opens, clicks, and bounces in real-time, gaining valuable insights into how your audience interacts with your emails.
  4. Customization Galore: Craft impactful emails with Sendgrid's drag-and-drop builder, pre-designed templates, and API integrations.
  5. Scalability at Your Fingertips: Sendgrid effortlessly scales with your needs, accommodating high-volume email campaigns as your business grows.
  6. Powerful Spam Prevention: Leverage Sender Score authentication and IP reputation management to keep your emails out of spam traps and maintain a pristine sending reputation.
  7. Global Reach: Send emails seamlessly across the globe, maximizing your audience outreach and eliminating regional delivery barriers.
  8. Seamless Integrations: Connect Sendgrid to your favorite CRM, marketing automation platform, or e-commerce tools for a streamlined workflow.
  9. Unwavering Support: Sendgrid's dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring smooth sailing on your email marketing journey.
  10. Peace of Mind: With Sendgrid, you can focus on crafting compelling content and leave the technical nitty-gritty of email delivery to the experts.

Now, let's dive into the two ways to integrate Sendgrid.


  • Install a popular SMTP plugin like WP Mail SMTP or Easy WP SMTP.
  • Configure the plugin with your Sendgrid credentials, including API keys and SMTP server details.
  • Test your email settings to ensure everything is functioning correctly.
  • Sit back and watch your emails land gloriously in inboxes, not junk folders!

Custom PHP Code

  • Install Composer and follow the Sendgrid PHP Library documentation to set it up.
  • Use the library functions to configure your Sendgrid connection and craft your email message.
  • Send your email using the library's sendEmail function.
  • Remember to implement proper error handling and security measures for a robust solution.

No matter your technical expertise, there's a path to unlock the power of Sendgrid and elevate your email deliverability. Ditch the frustrations of shared hosting DKIM and embrace the freedom of reliable email delivery with Sendgrid. Your audience awaits, and their inboxes are hungry for your content!


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